DIY Pumpkin Guaranteed To Make You Hollow Out Your Bowels

It's almost Halloween again, and for those of you who have yet to try your hand at carving a badass pumpkin, check out this video of a self-proclaimed "scariest pumpkin ever"—a simple looking pumpkin with not-so-simple insides. Looking at the project, it's apparent that aesthetics are not what is shocking about this pumpkin. In fact, its happy eyes and goofy grin may be enough to lure you to come over and give his nose a squeeze, until you hear the sound this squash can make!

The pumpkin is based around an Arduino board, with a few LED lights and a super loud truck horn, which definitely makes it the most annoying—or loudest, or even most obnoxious—pumpkin ever, but definitely not the scariest. Make sure you're wearing earplugs and a diaper as you head over to MakeZine to see step-by-step instructions on how its made. [MakeZine]

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