DIY Geiger Counters Help Us Face Our Dismal, Irradiated Futures

What with the financial crisis and recent nuclear (dis)agreements and the possibility of having an insane (but like-able! Teehee!) person becoming the country's VP, we could be headed for a The Road by Cormac McCarthy-esque situation in the near future. And when that day comes, I'll be the person on the block with a DIY Geiger counter. Hack-n-Mod has compiled a list of the three best Geiger counter tutorials on the net. Use this one to learn everything about schematics, PCB and shielding; this one for a nifty USB interface, and—if you're feeling particularly technical—this one for a much more detailed build. Remember: in the apocalyptic future, friends don't let friends eat friends without testing them for radiation first. [Hack-n-Mod]

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