Diseases Not Yet Associated with Mobile Phone Use

A British Association of Dermatologists' study showed that the levels of nickel found in mobile phones can cause dermatological problems for many mobile phone users. As many as 33% of people are at least slightly allergic to nickel, and nearly half of the 22 phones tested had levels that could affect those poor souls. Luckily, the allergy causes friendly, non-fatal dermatitis: itchy skin and a mild rash, easily healed with a topical steroid cream. I feel like mobile phones get a bad rap, since even jewellery can cause the same reaction, so here's an encouraging list of diseases you definitely won't get from your phone.

1. Athlete's Foot
2. Polio
3. Feline Senior Dementia
4. the Bends
5. Priapism
6. the Vapours
7. Seasonal Affective Disorder
8. the Bubonic Plague

So things really aren't so bad. [CTV]

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