Direct Note Access Music Software Now Even More Revolutionary

Back in April we discovered a new music recording program from Celemony Software that could potentially revolutionise the music industry. It allows recording engineers to isolate and manipulate individual notes (as opposed to an entire chord) from a performance (no matter how lame) and turn it into a flawless piece of music. Celemony has revealed new details about DNA that claim the program will be able to handle "complete mixes (rather than a simple piano progression, for example)," but stresses that the more complex the job, the less likely you are to isolate individual notes.

Melodyne Plugin 2, the first product to incorporate DNA, has also added the ability to cut and paste / overlap notes and chords individually or in sequence. Unfortunately, the release date of the plugin has been pushed back to 2009—but Celemony has promised to run a public beta testing program prior to launch so people can familiarise themselves with the technology. The fact that it is getting pushed back sucks, but it's better late than never. After all, the recording industry needs a good kick in the pants to get their focus back on quality. [Music Radar]

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