Dealzmodo: Asus Eee Box And VW161D LCD Monitor For $599

Dealzmodo: Asus Eee Box And VW161D LCD Monitor For $599

asus eeebox and monitor.jpgIf you’re after a cheap and easy desktop computer, the Eee Box just became a lot more attractive with the announcement that Asus are now bagging it with their VW161D LCD monitor for just $599.

Considering the Eee Box was $429 when it launched back in August, that means you’re getting a 16-inch widescreen monitor for $170, which isn’t a bad deal at all.

The package is apparently available at computer resellers now, which could mean anything really, but it’s still worth keeping an eye out for.

Media Alert: ASUS Eee Box hooks up with VW161D LCD for just $599

Get comfortable in the box seat and enjoy the exciting novelties the Eee Box has to offer, now partnered with the VW161D LCD monitor.

Use the Eee Box nettop to read and respond to mailbox matter, make it your own personal jukebox streaming music as well as pictures and video from a media centre or home server, or become a chatterbox and shoot the breeze with friends via VoIP, all while viewing multiple windows on the VW161D widescreen.

The Eee Box / VW161D bundle is now available through computer resellers – RRP AU$599 inc GST.