Crack the Quantum Code With This Handy QR Code Guide

Crack the Quantum Code With This Handy QR Code Guide

Thumbnail image for quantumcode.jpgSo we’ve been pushing QR codes pretty hard here on Giz this year – what with our comp to win a PS3 a few months ago and now with Sony’s Quantum Code competition. But in case you’re wondering how the hell you decode a QR code, we’ve put together a little guide for you here, which should help everyone solve the next clue in the Quantum Code.If you’re a NextG customer, you may have the easiest route to decoding QR codes out of everybody – you can quickly and easily download some QR decoding software through Telstra’s MyPlace portal, depending on your handset. The compatible phones are: The HTC Diamond, Nokia E51, Nokia N95 Gold, Nokia 6120 Classic, Sony Ericsson W760, Sony Ericsson Z750i and the Samsung U900T. If you don’t own one of these handsets, don’t despair – there are other ways out there.

For iPhone owners, head onto the App Store and check out Barcode. It’s free, and relatively easy to use, although it can be a bit temperamental at times.

For Nokia owners, Nokia have their own QR code reader available here. It doesn’t work with every Nokia phone, but the also list a heap of other programs that could work with your handset. Keep in mind that your phone needs to have a camera for the software to work.

A whole heap of Sony Ericsson phones can use the Java-based Qode software available here (you’ll need to go via your mobile’s browser).

If you use a Windows Mobile device, there are a few different options, but the quickest and easiest is probably to check out Quickmark (it’s a Taiwanese site, but there are pictures and English on the screen). Pick your handset and download the software.

If you just want to decode from your PC, well that’s possible too. Save the QR code as a greyscale bmp image on your PC, then go here. Browse for the image and enjoy the results.

Of course there are countless other ways to decode QR codes. If in doubt, try a google search for your handset and “QR code”. Or if you know of some really solid QR code software we haven’t mentioned, tell us about it in comments. Then go and decode that Quantum code – we need a Gizmodian to win that $15K worth of Sony kit…