Canon Lens Completely Disassembled (Result: A Lot of Rings)

Zoom lenses are by no means a rarity, but it's not often that someone chooses to sacrifice one to the internet. FredMiranda forum member sbv20 found himself with a useless Canon 17-85mm lens after the aperture became stuck, so he did what any good gadget freak would: he tore it apart. He documented the process with a fantastic series of photos which demonstrate that even the boring lenses found dangling from necks at any tourist destination are obscenely complicated.

To add a bit or strangeness to the whole thing, have a look at the picture taken with the lens before it gave up:
It's a ridiculously apropos snap of a dynamic art installation at the Arab-Islamic museum in Paris. The installation evidently passes outside light through a giant wall of adjustable apertures, which to a DSLR might look a little like some kind of bizarre out-of-body experience. [FredMiranda - Thanks, Sam!]

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