Callpod Pheonix Bluetooth Conferencing System Hands-On

The Callpod Phoenix Bluetooth conferencing system is finally available, connecting up to five Bluetooth headsets at the same time. It's very much a business-class solution, targeted towards medical, emergency response, restaurant, retail, government, military and enterprise customers who need a teleconferencing solution that doesn't require people sitting around a table, smelling each other's foul breath. With the Phoenix you can make a shared phone call with all five participants sitting at their own desks—assuming their desks are within the 100 meter Bluetooth range.

Our own tests at home found that the Phoenix was pretty solid in doing what it promises. Pairing the five included headsets was as easy as pairing one to your phone. You can then take the headsets and wander around your office (house) and be able to talk to any of the other headsets automatically. Muting and standby options are also available.

Of course, the main reason you'll be using this for (in businesses at least) is to make calls, and that works just fine. Same Callpod Dragon quality, just multiplied by five. The unit also comes with a car charger, a five-way Chargepod charger and a Drone, which is a Bluetooth dongle for your computer so you can pipe the conferencing through a Skype call.

Would we recommend this? Sure, if you're in one of the target markets listed above. If it's your business that's paying the $US3000 price tag, what do you have to worry about? You'll get to listen and participate in conference meetings while going to the bathroom. Can you really put a price on that? Well, yes, and it's $US3000. [Callpod]

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