Brunch Wrap: Best of Thursday Night

Brunch Wrap: Best of Thursday Night

donuts.jpgSorry for the delay peeps – I had to skip breakfast. But I did it for you, so that makes us even right? Right?

Microsoft Cracking Down On Pirated Software in China, Probably Starting WWIII
Arrgh! Piracy be walkin’ on Microsoft’s Chinese plank!

Rocket Car Will Hit 1600kph in 40 Seconds, Empty Bowels in About 5
That’s fast.

Redrock’s Cinematising Kit to Turn Video DSLRs Into Proper Movie Cams
Don’t they make chips?

Sony Might Lose Money This Year
Bad news for the industry on the whole, here.

How To Choose the Best Network Storage for a Mac/PC Home
Ever wondered about NAS? Check this out.

My Favourite Childhood Sci-Fi Author Fries My Brain
Ah, Sci-fi authors. Sounds like a character…