Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

breakfast-coffee.jpgMicrosoft Survey Hints At 'Oahu,' Surface Multitouch Table At Consumer Prices I'll take two!

New MacBooks Will Totally Tell Mum If You Take Them Swimming Really? Submersion sensors? Tell you what, Apple - Take those out and save some money, then pass those savings on to me.

SanDisk Releases $US20 slotMusic Player, Dozens of SD Card Albums Well, this is destined to fail. If you want to have a new physical format that works, it can't cost more than digital...

Homemade Handheld Dreamcast is the Stuff Dreams are Made Of I never got into the Dreamcast, but this could be the start of something good.

New MacHeads Movie Trailer Keeps Freaking Me Out Need a reason to curb your Mac obsession? Here it is!

Giz Explains: Why Does the New MacBook Pro Have Two Graphics Cards? Hint: It's not to keep costs down.

Lego Radiator is the New Hotness Literally.

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