Breakfast Wrap: Best of Thursday Night

Fruit-&-Yoghurt.jpgUnnamed Developer Says DS Games Could Crash On DSi I like the bigger screen on the DSi, but everything seems a bit... meh.

NASA-TV Streams HD Film to Celebrate 50 Years in Space If you can work out the timezones and if it isn't region locked, this would be much better than working today...

Motorola's 'Focus On Android' Won't Yield an Actual Phone Before Christmas 2009 Fail. Fail. Fail.

MacBook vs MacBook Pro: Hardcore Graphics Death Match Two computers enter. Two computers leave - We just know more about them. So it's more like an episode of Oprah than a deathmatch, really. Why It's Safer Than Ever To Buy First-Generation Hardware Isn't that what extended warranties are for? Buying first-gen gadgets?

Dealzmodo Hack: Juice Up Your Canon Digital Camera With CHDK Not a bad little free upgrade here...

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