Breakfast Wrap: Best of Thursday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best of Thursday Night

breakfast-muesli.jpgDancing Keepon Robot Goes On Sale For Researchers, Cheap Version Soon
Sure he’s good. But he’s no Shay Asimo

T-Mobile G1 Unboxed, Ready For Belt Clips Everywhere
I think I’ll wait to test out Android myself before I make any rash judgements…

Elvis Comes Back from Dead to Prove RFID Passports Lack Security

You’ve gotta love hackers. The question is how I can get Elvis on my passport.

The DSi (New Nintendo DS) Drops 1-6 Hours in Battery Life
I’m so not interested in the new DSi. Why would I want a camera in my handheld?

Cat Motorcycle is, Well, an Interesting Idea, I Guess

I wonder how many people will call you “pussy” when you ride this?

iPhone-Backgrounder Hack Brings True Background Multitasking to iPhone Apps
And that pretty much opens up the final frontier for jailbroken iPhone apps, doesn’t it?