Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

breakfast-porridge.jpgBallmer Doesn't Think World Is Ready For Cloud Computing Funny, because for so many years Gates didn't think the world was ready for Ballmer...

RIM Announcing BlackBerry With Touchscreen AND Full Keyboard, Storm With US HSDPA in May? Good to see RIM taking the pro-active, go forward approach to rumouring.

$US5,000 Chinese Electric Car Is 100% Power Grid Independent Cheap, electric and Chinese? Where can I get one?

Internet on Verge of Exploding: YouTube Now World's No. 2 Search Engine Imagine if we were all stick stuck on dialup...

Apple Deleting Discussions About FireWire-Less MacBooks in Forums Shame on Apple if it's true...

PSP 5.0 Firmware Hacked Two Days After Release Why do Sony even bother? Just open it up, guys!

Mitsubishi LaserVue vs. Pioneer Kuro Plasma: The High-End Throwdown It just goes to prove what we've always said: Lasers are awesome!

New MacBook Pro Battery Has Less Battery Power Than Old One Damn.

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