Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Long Weekend

For those states that missed out on the Labour Day long weekend this weekend, we're sorry. For everyone else - we hope you're ready for a nice, four-day week!

Here's what happened over the (long) weekend: Microsoft Surface on a Wii Balance Board Sounds like fun.

Hitachi DLNA Camcorder Concept Streams HD Video to TVs As It's Shot Now this is an awesome concept for DLNA... If only Hitachi were still alive in Australia to see it...

Sony's Flexible 11-Inch OLED Screen is 0.3 Millimeters Thick, Wraps TV Around Your Finger Maybe I'm being cynical, but will this ever reach a price that consumers will be able to afford?

Create Your Own Crazy Nokia Headphone Concept I wonder what the audio quality is like?

Virgin Galactic Turns Down $US1 Million Offer to Make First Porn in Space $US1 million? You'll need more than that to crack the galactic Virgin...

More Info on the Asus S101, The MacBook Air that You Can Actually Afford Cheaper than the Air, yes. But does it run OS X? No.

Amazon's Kindle 2 Suddenly Appears And it's still not available for Australians...

Pioneer 3D Floating Vision: Half Wii, Half Surface, All 3D A revolutionary LCD from Pioneer? I hardly recognise the world anymore.

Apple's 'Brick' is a Revolutionary Aluminium Manufacturing Process? Yeah, not quite as exciting anymore, is it?

Sega Returning to the Hardware Biz with Vision PMP for 2009 Someone at Sega needs to be fired for this.

Canon Lens Completely Disassembled (Result: A Lot of Rings) I wonder which one rules them all?

How to Buy Gadgets in China And Not Get Screwed It also helps if you know the exchange rate.

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