Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night

breakfast-eggsbenedict.jpgDeclassified UFO Files Reveal Military Engagement, Near-Collision Wow, the truth really is out there.

Zune Guy Makes Yet Another Fantastic Life Decision Well done, Zune guy. Microsoft is proud.

Cabinet Built From 918 Tapes That Never Thought Things Would End Like This It's good, but I think it could be better...

Glittery 1.5 Million Square Metres Dubai Terminal 3 Is Largest In the World So... that just means you have to walk further to get to your connecting flight, right?

Colour E-Paper Debuts on Waterproof MP3 Player A no-name MP3 player seems like a weird place to launch such a cool technology.

Panasonic Laptop Fuel Cell Delivers 20 Hours of Power With Highly Concentrated Methanol Yeah, try and get that on a plane... Play With the New Xbox Experience As Soon As Next Week Or wait like the rest of us. Your call.

Limited Edition Beatles iPod Is Not What We Expected Not what anyone expected, I'd imagine.

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