Bose SoundDock II Lands In Australia

Bose SoundDock II Lands In Australia

SoundDock_II.007_HR.jpgThe original Bose SoundDock – didn’t work with the iPhone. Whats more, it didn’t sound as good as the SoundDock Portable, which was supposed to be a smaller, more portable version of the original iPod speaker system. So, Bose did what any audio company would do, and updated the original with tech from the portable unit, as well as added iPhone support.

The end result, supposedly, is the ultimate SoundDock. They’ve updated the appearance to more closely resemble the portable model, but who cares so long as it works with all your gadgets. And considering that the update also includes an auxiliary line in for all your other audio gadgets, the only thing you really need to decide (as is usual with Bose products) is whether you can afford the $450 price tag.


Bose has introduced the SoundDock series II digital music system – a speaker system for iPod and iPhone that combines the same small size and high-quality audio performance as the original SoundDock® system, with an enhanced look and added functionality. It is the first “Works with iPhone” certified SoundDock system from Bose.

The system features a new auxiliary input that lets users connect other audio devices, such as an MP3 player, portable CD player or music-enabled phone. It provides dock-and-play simplicity and will charge an iPod or iPhone while in use. No additional setup is required. An included infrared remote controls the system and basic iPod and iPhone functions, including playlist navigation, from across the room. Volume controls are located on the unit.

The design of the SoundDock series II system has been updated to more closely resemble the clean and distinctive lines of the Bose® SoundDock® Portable digital music system. It maintains a small footprint, measuring just 17cm high by 30.5cm wide and only 16.51cm deep. Using an integrated systems approach, all elements of the SoundDock
series II system were engineered to work together to produce high quality sound from a sleek, compact package. The system incorporates Bose proprietary acoustic design and signal processing to produce accurate sound reproduction and a spacious listening experience.

The SoundDock series II system works seamlessly with the iPhone 3G and original iPhone models. It also works with most iPod models, including iPod touch and any iPod featuring a click wheel, including all nano, mini, photo, video and classic models. The SoundDock series II system is available in gloss black from Bose.