Blu-ray Report Card Calls Out Cheap and Lazy Movie Studios

The casual consumer has little idea what they're getting with a Blu-ray movie. Sometimes it's great, with restored picture and lots of brand new special features. Other times, it's just the same scratched up print and SD extras crapped out from DVD to Blu-ray. So Sound & Vision decided to name names and called out studios who have been half-assing Blu-ray releases to make a buck in the Blu-ray Report Card.

The best studios? Sony, Disney and Universal all scored a B or above, with Sony (surprise!) taking the top spot with an A-. They are labelled the "most consistent and dependable studio of 2008" with their "strong video transfers, TrueHD audio tracks, and...slew of new releases and catalog classics."

The worst? The Weinstein Company (D-) and MGM (F). Apparently MGM has only released five Blu-ray movies in 2008 which have had poor A/V transfers and often lacked the extra features—even the ones bundled with the original DVD.

Interesting findings for sure, but there's lots more to the Sound & Vision article. So if you're interested in the workings of Blu-ray movies, hit up the link for the full article. [Sound & Vision]

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