Blackberry Gets Its First Live Video Streaming Client

Next2Friends has released the first live video streaming client for newer Blackberry phones, like the Curve and the Pearl. Similar to Qik or Justin TV, you download the Next2Friends client to your phone, and it streams to the internet whatever your camera records. Qik has been around on the N95 for so long now that I kinda figured similar services had made their way onto to the Blackberry. I was wrong. In any case the Next2Friends (also available for Symbian and WinMo phones) service is free and available for download now.

Next2Friends™ launches First Live Mobile Streaming Video for BlackBerry® Devices
Next2Friends free 'Live' application makes sharing videos taken from your mobile phone easy and fun.

9th October 2008 - London, UK: Next2Friends™ (, the mobile social media platform, today announces the availability of its innovative 'Live' mobile video streaming application and Social Suite for the BlackBerry® Curve™ and Pearl™ series smartphones from Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM)(TSX: RIM). Already available for the Symbian S60 & S40 range of devices and the Windows Mobile 6 platform, Next2Friends is now actively extending its support and development for the BlackBerry OS as well as a number of other popular operating systems.

Next2Friends™ Live enables people to share their lives from anywhere, from broadcasting the little things that make up the day, to capturing a must-see-moment, to bringing happenings across the world closer to home. The application, soft-launched in late 2007 and officially released in June 2008, is continually being enhanced by the Next2Friends™ development team to deliver the optimal service for all the people already sharing their lives through real-time, rich media. Some of the new features that have recently been incorporated are one click streaming, the ability to zoom, pause or re-start live streams and automatic quality selection that guarantees the best streaming experience independent of location, carrier or connection speeds.

"We are excited to be making Next2Friends Live available for BlackBerry users." commented Anthony Nystrom, CTO of Next2Friends™. "By bringing Next2Friends to the BlackBerry Pearl and Curve we will be opening up a whole new world of connectivity and interactivity to this surprisingly untapped segment of the industry."

The Next2Friends™ mobile pack has been designed so people can share their life and connect with others anywhere by vastly extending the capability and usability of mobile devices. The Mobile Social Suite includes two-click photo uploading, media rich opinion polling and location-based social networking. Seamlessly integrated with all the extra features on, the total package is more complete, more compelling and more relevant to the needs and desires of today's consumer than any other service.

Users can sign up for the free service at, download the application to their BlackBerry smartphone in seconds, and begin using immediately. Videos captured with the Next2Friends Live application are automatically streamed to the user's personal video library where they can be easily shared with friends or embedded on other social networking profiles, websites and blogs.

Research in Motion (RIM) is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of smartphones in the US, with the BlackBerry line commanding 46% of the market in Q2 2008. With over 5 million BlackBerry units shipped in Q2 and 17.4% market share worldwide, there is little doubt that development for BlackBerry is a winning move. Driven by innovation and utility for both the business and consumer worlds, there is little sign that this momentum will slow.

Next2Friends™ Live application and Social Suite are free to install and use, with members only paying for networked data traffic via their carrier. Advanced compression technology ensures that all content is reduced to a fraction of its original size, with no degradation of quality or delays.

Fully supported devices include popular models from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, Samsung and now select models from BlackBerry.


About Next2Friends
Next2Friends (, the mobile social media platform, was created to deliver content and connections that entertain, engage and enhance life. Bringing together the full capabilities of both mobile and PC-based internet technology, the comprehensive suite of applications and features provide rich media, commercial and communication services to today's connected consumer.

Key applications include:
· Live - true, real-time video streaming from mobile device to web.
· Ask - opinion gathering and decision making on the move.
· Snap Up - automatic streaming of images captured while out and about.
· Tag & Meet - intelligent matching of virtual profiles in the physical world.

The Next2Friends platform utilises patent-pending, proprietary technology to ensure consumers, businesses and brands enjoy the full value of the mobile internet. The UK Limited Company, formed in 2007, has offices in the UK and US, in addition to R&D divisions on three continents.

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