BioBot Makes Bio Diesel at Home!

You would think that making your own Bio Diesel at home would be a tough, multi-stepped procedure that has a few dangerous spots to misstep. Well before the BioBot, a system that makes Bio Diesel from old cooking oil, you would have been right. Unfortunately, after the BioBot, you would have been right, too. Here is their simple, 8+ step process to make gas at home. And don't worry, that chemistry beaker is just for show!

Needless to say, we're being more than a little hard on the BioBot. In reality, it's a geek-worthy device that can produce almost 20 gallons of gas per cycle. But unless you work at a french fry factory and have a BS in biochemistry, it's probably worth leaving this method to the pros.

If you're still interested, the BioBot runs $US5000 and is said to pay for itself in two years. [BioBot via New Launches]

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