Bandai RPG Pedometers, Like Nike+ for the Extra Masochistic

13 billion years ago, a super dense ball of junk exploded. And it's taken this long for someone like Bandai to come around and combine our least favourite thing (exercise) with one of our most favourite things (pointless, time-sucking RPGS, preferably featuring some sort of underage girl with oversized...eyes...who has a shrieky, ear-damaging voice and a dual penchant for carnal melee brutality and giggling).

But it's finally happened. Bandai has developed the RPG Pedometer.

Space Cruiser Yamato and 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother are two game/pedometers that Bandai will release in time for this holiday season. As users walk, their characters will both level up and reach new destinations on the map, unlocking new chapters in a story that unfolds over 90 days of exercise.
And while the game hardware itself doesn't look that robust, the systems feature an online component similar to Nike+ that tracks your workouts and weight.

Priced at $US45, the only point we're not certain about is whether or not the games will be localised for the US. While we get clarification on the matter, it's probably best to assume Japan only. [Trends in Japan via bbGadgets]

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