Australian University to Create Real Life Town of 'Eureka'

Eureka happens to be one of my favourite shows on TV, and the fact that the University of Queensland plans to build a nerd nest similar to the fictional stronghold makes me very happy. Especially since they're not tied up with that meddling Department of Defence. The "multibillion-dollar brain city" on the western outskirts of Brisbane will be dedicated to science and technology, house about 10,000 people, and feature with the hopes that 4,500 of those residents will be some of the world's best scientists.

The project is still in the proposal stage, as the university is still entertaining bids, and they expect the project to take up to 15 years to complete. And speaking of residents, while he may not be one of the brightest, I'd like to endorse Jack Carter for town sheriff. [Courier Mail via Slashdot]

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