AT&T Sells 2.4 Million iPhone 3Gs, 40 Percent to New Customers

Not surprisingly for AT&T, the iPhone 3G is a strong part of their quarterly earnings report. Off the top they added two million net subscribers, ballooning to nearly 75 million total, and it looks like the iPhone 3G played a solid part in landing them. Of the 2.4 million iPhone 3Gs activated last quarter, 40 percent were to new AT&T customers (which, doing the math, shows that nearly two-thirds of iPhones are sold outside of the US now). Interestingly, selling so many and subsidising them so hard actually cost AT&T $US900 million this quarter. Oh, and AT&T is still the financial size of a small country: They spent $US25.7 billion to make $US5.6 billion. [AT&T]

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