Arcade Driving and Kegs: A Natural Combo

This, my friends, is what you call asking for trouble: the new arcade driving cabinet Octane 120, from Dream Arcades, comes with a built-in keg-o-rator, with the beer tap placed conveniently on the dash next to the steering wheel. You know, so you can accurately practice your drunk driving in a safe environment before busting out your sloppy skills on Saturday night.

Really though, there's nothing wrong with this. I mean, if drinking and playing video games was illegal, I'd be on death row. This thing has two taps — one in the back and one on the dash. This allows a party to be going on around you while you tear it up in Gran Turismo, and you never even have to get up to refill your beer.

The setup includes a 120-inch projection screen, a home theatre PC with 12 racing games pre-loaded, a PS3-compatible steering wheel if you want to hook one up, and a 5.1 surround system. It's available now for $US7,000.

I'd personally like to see keg-o-rators involved in more video game accessories. Here's a freebie, third party accessory manufacturers: a foam dome with a built-in Xbox Live headset. Let's make it happen.

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