Apple Will Indoctrinate Your Children with Field Trips

Evil monolith Apple has begun a nefarious program to snatch children from the warm arms of their home PCs with ominous-sounding "field trips." These trips do lead to a field, but not one with grass and trees and sunshine. This is a field of glass, of white plastic, of aluminium, and of shameful minimalism.

Sure, Apple has its shiny white coating of education. The (apparently free) one-hour trip can accommodate up to 25 impressionable youngsters. "Let the children create projects using easy-to-understand software like iMovie and iPhoto!" the site exclaims. "Or they can bring in a project they've already created and turn our store into a theater," the site explains. "Free t-shirts!" furthers the site. Well, Apple, let me tell you this. I will not "bring my enthusiasm," and I will not let you "bring the rest." Children should frolic in parks, not museum-like electronics shops. The t-shirts do look sort of sweet, though. [TUAW]

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