Apple Accidentally Censors iTunes UK Songs, Shows Dumb Politically Correctness In the Process

Thanks to a f*****g stupid error, the iTunes Music Store in the UK has accidentally censored thousands of songs, albums, and artists' names. Innocent songs—like Danny Kaye's "I Thought I Saw A P***y Cat"—and not-so-innocent ones—like Nirvana's "Smells Like T**n Spirit"—have been asterisked by what an Apple spokeswoman has described as a "database glitch". Why "teen", "hot" or "Johnny" can be considered offensive, I really don't have a flying f**k, but things look rather silly in there:

Yeah, definitely looks fucked up to me. Oops.

According to Apple UK, the problem happened when they tried to censor potentially offensive songs, and here is precisely where I get lost, because they were looking to censor words like "teen", "hot" or "Johnny". I understand a database glitch leading to innocent songs to be censored, but the word selection they were using? For sure, the dick and the dyke in "D**k Van D**e" can be considered offensive by some, but the Johnny in "J****y Cash" or the hot in Avril Lavigne's "H*t"?

Seems to me like a level of idiotic politically correct censorship that not even the FCC will apply in the United States. [Daily Mail]

Oh, and talking about censorship and the FCC, I just can't have enough of this one:

Or this one, for that matter.

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