Apparently Workers Like Porn At Lunchtime

Apparently Workers Like Porn At Lunchtime

porn viewer.jpgI usually tend to ignore press releases from anti-virus companies – do you guys really care that another virus has been released into the wild? But the subject of the latest findings from Messagelabs caught my eye: “In the Workplace, Online Porn Surfing Prevails”.

Apparently 85% of inappropriate content is being blocked by businesses, which means 15% of perverts out there are getting their daily fix of human nudeness at work. And according to the report, most of it happens at lunchtime:

Analysis of MessageLabs URL Filtering service shows an increasing number of businesses are blocking employee access to inappropriate web sites, such as pornography, during the working day. Most policy rules are set by organisations to block this content between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Further analysis reveals that 28.9 per cent of blocks occur between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., which is usually lunchtime for most employees.

There’s no mention of how much appropriate content is blocked by this service though – I remember at a previous job, I couldn’t read an article about Facebook because Facebook had been blocked at work – which kind of makes researching a story about Facebook difficult.

But in any case, looking up porn at work is a surprisingly growing trend. What about you guys – do you (or have you) used the work computer to browse for the pornography? Why? Let us know in comments…

[Messagelabs – Pic from SaintGeorgesDay]