Android's Interface Designers Show Us How It Could Have Looked

The Astonishing Tribe, the interface wunderkinds that designed the G1's Android UI, have released a series of images and videos showing off a few other mobile design concepts — some that clearly didn't make the Android cut, and others that were probably never intended to. These mockups could be penance for the actual Android UI, which we've described as "scrambled," "overly complicated" and, generously, "kinda pretty," but whatever the intent, some of these designs are fascinating.

TAT exhibits a strange, almost-Android UI concept that, with its boxy Programs window, lends credibility to some early observations that Android looks a little bit like Windows 3.1. The PrintUI and BusinessUI are sexy typographical experiments, and Asia Cute is a sickly, Arial-drenched interpretation of the TouchFLO 3D concept. With any luck, we'll see Android devs working on skinning and revamping the interface with stuff like this pretty soon, but for now you can just watch the videos at TAT's site. [TAT - Thanks, Vanessa]

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