Amazon WindowShop Is the Groovy Future of Online Shopping

Whoooooa. That was my reaction as I surfed from tile to tile in Amazon's WindowShop, which is the most eye-popping online shopping experience I've ever seen. It's a collection of their most popular movies, books, music and other media arranged in a huge 3D grid, where every tile is a tiny demo of the product—a trailer, snippet or clip—and it's incredibly fast and smooth to dart from one to the other, with no lag at all.

It kinda reminds me of Google Earth, but if the world were made up of copies of Dexter and The Godfather. While the idea is definitely still in its infancy—navigation is far from in-depth—check it out, it's an awesome, visually delicious experience that is totally what online shopping is going to look like in the near future—and it's perfectly suited for a multitouch UI too. [Amazon Windowshop via TechCrunch]

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