AlertMe Smart Plug Manages Electricity via Web

AlertMe is a UK home surveillance company that has a pretty great idea for expanding its services. Their Smart Plug fits in your socket and monitors energy usage of various connected appliances. It wirelessly communicates with the AlertMe Hub, a (Wi-Fi?) and GPRS box that sends the information to the cloud. Through a monthly service charge, AlertMe translates these readings into a simplified web interface.

Users can then manage any connected Smart Plugs from any web browser, be it one their PC or phone. A light the you accidentally left on can be easily turned off and plugs can be set to die at certain times, or it appears, even at certain predefined power guidelines.

The SmartPlugs will run about $US45 each but only be available with a $US260 AlertMe subscription. It's pricey tech for the time being, but it can only get cheaper from here. [AlertMe via Smart Planet]

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