Action Mobil Globecruiser: Camper, Tank, Bombshelter

Sure, it costs $US670,000 to buy plus an additional $US800 to fill up, but the Globecruiser from Action Mobile is so worth the crippling financial burden and savage Eco-rape with its luxury interior, advanced navigation system and exterior that looks strong enough to withstand a ground zero nuke without spilling your coffee. Not surprisingly, hauling the weight of all that machinery (not to mention the the 830 litre gas tanks and 580 litre water tanks) requires some serious power—which is why the Globecrusier is packing a giant 783ci turbodiesel engine. It also features a 4 x 240W solar system that supplements the batteries and LPG tanks. There is no doubt about it, this is one rugged, unapologetic vehicle. It even says "MAN" right on the front. [Action Mobil via Squob via Born Rich]

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