Acer Aspire One Tested with WiMax

The WiMax Acer Aspire One hasn't even been announced yet (UPDATE: actually, it just was), but Laptop Magazine got their hands on a model and got to poke and prod it to their hearts' content. So how did browsing the web on a tiny WiMax notebook work? Pretty decently.

In speed tests around Baltimore, the netbook was able to hit 6.7Mbps down and 2.8Mbps up. The New York Times started loading in 7 seconds, taking 15 seconds to fully display. And Hulu video streamed solidly after buffering for 20 seconds.

But I don't think anyone is questioning whether or not WiMax works, even on low-powered netbooks. The question is whether or not people will pay $US30-$US40 a month to connect to the internet on what's basically a secondary computer—especially if they already pay for 3G access on a smartphone or high speed at home. Would you spend the money?

To see the speed tests with your own eyes, hit the link for video of the testing. [LaptopMag]

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