A Ride Aboard the Pleasurecraft Turns Any Geek Into Captain Stubing

According to the designers, the Pleasurecraft "is a vehicular kit that choreographs gesture and landscape to produce an outing full of splendour and romance." This little love boat comes equipped with everything the awkward nerd needs to transform into a cool Casanova : luxurious pillows, a champagne cooler, instruction manuals, a mustache comb, tic-tacs and a water wheel that is "perfectly calibrated to the RPM of the River Seine." As the boat glides gracefully through the water, the wheel turns and activates a gramophone that serenades your lover. Let's just hope she is tone deaf because the video after the break doesn't scream "romance" to me. Good thing it is only a concept.

[Marisa Jahn via Design Launches via Luxury Launches]

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