$US60,000 Vacheron Constantin Quai de l'Ile Watch Can't Be Counterfeited

Hell, we can barely say the name (or tell time), but we understand the reason for all the security features this puppy boasts as part of a multi-faceted effort to deter counterfeiters. For anywhere between $US12,000 to the aforementioned $US60k, owners can customise their Vacheron Constantin Quai de l'Ile with 400 styles and deterrents, like the embedded invisible ink plastic slips that are placed beneath the watch face (see: the little sun between the 1 and 2 above). If that sounds familiar, it's because some of the same techniques are used in paper currency.

Also making the cut for this "impossible to counterfeit" timepiece—their boast, not ours—are layers of invisible UV marking, laser perforations of the watch's internal parts, high-security inks, and special secret measures that are used to secure passports and currencies.

Some of the 400 models even have tiny text on the dials that is readable only with a magnifying glass. And, like the watch, even the text is full of itself, as it reproduces portions of some letters sent between 19th-century family members of the watchmaker, Jaques-Barthélémy Vacheron and François Constantin. [WSJ]

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