25 Anniversary of the First Commercial Mobile Phone Call Timeline

Today marks the 25th Anniversary of the first commercial mobile phone call in history. On October 13th 1983, Ameritech executive Bob Barnett called the grandson of Alexander Graham Bell using the now legendary and bricktastic Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. Here's our modified mobile phone timeline highlighting this historic event. You can click on it to see the full 2,300 pixel wide version.

Click on the image above to see it big

At the time, Fortune magazine's Stephanie N. Mehta pointed out that "the sound quality wasn't pristine, and the conversation wasn't especially scintillating". From that day to last year, things have changed dramatically. The analogue mobile phone was replaced by digital, and texting, email, music, web browsing and social networks have taken over the world thanks to this now ubiquitous device: in 2007, the number of mobile phone subscriptions in the planet reached 3.3 billion, half of the people in planet Earth.

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