20% of Analogue TV Viewers to Let Their TVs Go Dark After the Digital Switch

Next February, when analogue TV signals go dark in the US of A, a whopping 20% of the people who rely on them to get their TV signals won't bother to get a digital converter, instead letting their TVs go dark. They'll move on to watching DVDs and broadband-based entertainment instead. Could the least-tech-savvy people in America actually be turning into the most forward-thinking?

That group, which accounts for 3% of all TV-owning households in America, will be giving up on broadcast TV entirely, and it's probably not because they don't like watching stuff. It's because they have a bunch more options now than they did when they picked up their old sets. Now they have DVD players, they have the internet and they have game consoles that can download and play video content. Really, broadcast TV is the least-convenient way to watch video content, what with it coming on only at scheduled times and being littered with ads. With other methods you get control over what you watch and when.

I guess it's only a matter of time before us gadget hounds catch up with these backwards-thinking folks. After all, with our HDTVs, DVRs and AppleTVs, we're already set up to get the most out of that lifestyle, if we're not already there. [TV Predictions via Crave]

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