10 Gadgets That Provide Perpetual Pleasure

Have you ever wished that you could simulate a pleasurable experience whenever you felt like it? Of course you have. The good news is that there are manufacturers out there hard at work bringing you devices that do just that. And, believe it or not, not all of these devices are not sex-related. In fact, many focus on seemingly mundane yet pleasurably addictive experiences that we take for granted in our everyday lives. The following 10 gadgets provide several examples.

Infinite Toys:

Bubble Wrap Toy: This PuchiPuchi Bubble Wrap Toy kicked off Japan's new found fascination with "infinite gadgets"—toys that allow users to enjoy mundane but strangely thrilling experiences over and over again. Apparently, it's just as satisfying as popping real bubble wrap, except that ever 100th pop greets you with the sound of a fart, barking dog, door chime or sexy voice. [Asovision via Link]

Bubble Wrap Calendar: The PuchiPuchi isn't the only way to enjoy the thrill of bubble wrap popping on demand. There is also a bubble wrap calendar that allows you to pop each day away with highly satisfying oversized bubbles. [BubbleCalendar via Link]

Mugen PeriPeri: This infinite toy simulates the experience of opening up a package whenever the urge strikes. Just pull it out and pretend you are unboxing a shiny new gadget. That oughta hold you until you get some money for the real thing. [Asovision via Link]

Endless Banana: Do you find the act of peeling a banana pleasurable? Me neither, but the Japanese do apparently. That is why they created a toy that simulates the experience—right down to the sound. That's right...the SOUND. Actress Saki Fujita was assigned with the daunting task of recording what a peeling banana sounds like. [kilian-nakamura via Link]

Infinite Edamame: If you are unfamiliar, edamame are baby soybeans in the pod that are boiled and salted as appetizers. It's quite popular in Japan—and with good reason. Edamame is delicious. Popping those soybeans out of the pod is also quite enjoyable—which is why a toy exists to simulate the experience. [Asovision via killian-nakamura]


Sunset Now: Everyone enjoys a beautiful sunset. Adam Parker Smith's Sunset Now art installation allows the user to control the rising and setting of a simulated sun using a simple dimmer switch. Sun goes up, sun goes down, sun goes up, sun goes down. Haha...I AM A GOD! [Adam Parker Smith via Link]


Tristar Massage: Any massage device could go here, but I picked the most futuristic looking one I could find. The Tristar features 6 massage settings, foot massage functions, an audio system and Kalfasun high pressure lamps to relax the face and hands. [SolPasion via Born Rich]


Hug Machine: Everyone needs a hug now and then. Unfortunately, not everyone knows someone willing to fulfil that need. The Hug Machine (or Squeeze Box) is designed to help hypersensitive people (usually autistic) relax by applying deep pressure. The users lies, or squats between the boards and controls an air compressor that "applys deep pressure stimulation evenly across the lateral parts of the body." [Wikipedia]

The Hug Vest: Basically, the Hug Vest is a portable, wearable version of the hug machine. Users can inflate air bladders within the vest at a push of a button to simulate the feeling of a hug. [Theraputicsystems]

Sex and Food:

Food-Themed Onahole: Okay—a sex toy had to make it on this list somewhere, so I found a device that satisfies and stimulates on two levels: sex and food. Onaholes are a line of masturbatory aids that are becoming increasingly popular in Japan. Some of the newest versions resemble various food and drink products on the outside, but still provide pleasure and release on the inside. The devices come in all shapes and sizes—from beer cans to bottles of green tea. The version pictured above is designed specifically for people who really...really like Cup Noodles. [Kanjo Toys]

[Image via Lisa Pizza's Picasa Gallery]

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