10 Gadget Get-Ups for Guys That Don't Mind Looking Like a Tool

If you are the kind of guy that isn't concerned with appearances, this list is for you. It is, in essence, a gadgety fashion guide for guys that are secure in their geekyness. The list includes everything from Wi-Fi detecting garments to crazy laptop privacy hats—all guaranteed to repel women and popularity like the plague.


Wi-Fi Detecting Shirt: The Wi-Fi detecting shirt can pick up 802.11b/802.11g networks and display the signal strength via your chest. Available for $US30. [Think Geek via Link]

Wi-Fi Detecting Sneakers: Designer Stefan Dukaczewski's ASRD shoes are actually a modified a pair of Nike Dunks that serve as a foot-activated Wi-Fi detection system. A pressure sensor in the heel turns the system on, and any Wi-Fi signals detected within 30 metres feet will light up small LEDs located on the flap of the left shoe. [ASRD via Link]

Wi-Fi Watch: Rounding out the list of Wi-Fi detecting duds, this watch detects signals and displays the strength from 0 to 8 at the push of a button. Available for $US35. [ThumbsUp UK via Link]


Vuzix AV310: If you don't mind headaches or looking like Geordi La Forge, Vuzix claims that their new AV310 goggles are the first video eyewear to offer a true 16:9 widescreen experience (the equivalent of a 52" screen viewed from a distance of 9 feet). Available for $US250. [Vuzix via Link]

Gunnar Optiks Eye Strain Glasses: Hey! Backstreet's Back! These glasses from Gunnar Optiks claim to reduce computer-related eye strain by "improving eye focus, reducing glare and blocking artificial light." I'm usually skeptical about products like this, but these claims may actually have some merit. Available for $US100-$US200. [Gunnar Optiks]


Peripherals Pants: These concept pants by designer Erik de Nijs feature a built-in keyboard, mouse and knee high speakers—offering geeks the perfect opportunity to touch themselves while surfing the darkest corners of the web. That is what I call multitasking. [Yanko via Link]


Scottevest Scott Jordan Signature System: The SJ system from Scottevest is actually two jackets in one: The "Quantum" outer shell and the "Fleece 5.0" liner. Together, it offers an absurd 52 pockets to hold your gadgets and gear. The pockets are also transparent and touch sensitive so you see and control those devices through the fabric. The Quantum outer layer is also waterproof and windproof with sealed seams, removable hood, pit-zips, removable powder skirt. Available for $US340 (components can be purchased separately). [Scottevest]


iLogic Sound Hat: The iLogic allows you to ditch the earbuds and listen to your music through speakers built into the hat itself. The cord plugs into standard MP3 players and can be tucked away into the lining when not in use. Available for around $US28. [iWoot]


USB Heating Gloves: I know the weather is getting colder, but if you want the respect of your co-workers, it is imperative that you avoid wearing gloves that warm your hands using USB power. That goes for any other USB clothing as well. Available for $US25. [Perpetual Kid]


Body-Laptop Wooly Jumper: I suppose it goes without saying, but if you don't want to look like a tool, this is exactly the kind of garment you want to avoid. Sure, it will keep your head warm and offer privacy while using your laptop in public places—but at what cost? Fortunately, the Body-Laptop jumper is only a concept at this point. [Link]

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