XM25 Carbine Kills Bad Guys Behind Walls, Beyond Hills, Below Trenches

This is the new XM25 Individual Air Burst Weapon. It looks straight out of the Marines' gun locker in Aliens, and in fact, it can take out an Alien if they actually existed because, according to the US Army, it is capable of killing anyone behind walls, beyond hills or even below a trench. The XM25 is not just a concept: three prototypes will enter the final testing phase on the field next month, which means it could be deployed very soon. According to Christian at Defense Tech, even Army officials seem to be amazed at the firepower and precision of this weapon:

We've done a lot of testing with this and what we're seeing is the estimated increase in effectiveness is six times what we'd be getting with a 5.56mm carbine or a grenade launcher. What we're talking about is a true 'leap ahead' in lethality, here. This is a huge step.

Christian promises a full article tomorrow at Military.com, and I can't wait for it because I'm wondering now how the heck this glorified nerf weapon can actually kill someone beyond a hill or in a trench. [Defense Tech]

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