Xbox and Zune to Undergo Painful Service Outage on Monday, Down for Up to 48 Hours

Microsoft has scheduled simultaneous service outages for its Xbox Live and Zune platforms this Monday, September 29th, starting at 12:01 PST. These "regularly scheduled maintenance" outages will take up to 24 hours for Xbox Live and up to 48 hours for Zune. Read on for the details.

Xbox Live will be offline, and you won't even be able to bitch about it because the official Xbox forums will be down as well. Be-masked Xbox spokesperson Major Nelson confirms that there will be no updates whatsoever to the service, especially not the Xbox Experience update due this fall, so quit bugging him about it. Zune, for its part, will lose Zune Social, the Zune Marketplace and the forums, again with absolutely no new features when the service is back up and running. So, commenters, how are you going to deal with what I've just decided to name the Great Microsoft Service Outage of 2008? Read a book? Go to work? Not care because you've never even seen a Zune in real life? [Xbox Live's Major Nelson and Zune Insider]

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