Wii Modchip-Free Piracy Tool Leaked, Mario Faints

Backup, schmbackup. The modchip-free Wii Backup Loader—a tool designed to allow to make a copy of any game and run it without modifying your Nintendo Wii—is now roaming freely through the usual channels in the internet. It requires a legal Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess to install the Homebrew Channel and run the loader, but the whole deal is a fairly simple process. Remember that this leak is not a final version, so download and follow the instructions at your own risk:

• You patch the ISO with the .exe that came in the download.
• Install the CIOS on your Wii
• Install DVDX. Go to Advance and choose 249
• Install Wii Loader
• Burn the patched ISO with ImgBurn
• Run the loader

[Download via GBAtemp—Thanks Oscar!]

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