Verizon Training Doc Shows BlackBerry Storm, Touch Diamond Release Date, OTA Ringtone Backups

A friendly tipster sent us this training to-do list for Verizon employees, which yields a couple of tidbits. First, training on the BlackBerry Storm has to be finished by Nov. 2, which our tipster says "guarantees" it'll be launched by early November, as we've heard. Verizon's Touch Diamond can be expected by late December, based on its training dates.

Don't get too excited about VZWMap redesign—it's likely not talking about revamping their craptastic VZ Navigator, but their coverage maps. Anyways, our tipster also points out that Get It Now phones will be able to back up ringtones and games OTA to the Verizon Vault, so you can carry them from phone to phone and not have to re-purchase. Way to be not be a dick, Verizon. [Thanks tipster!]

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