USB Heated Gloves Keep Your Gaming Hands Warm

When you're in the zone on your Xbox, you may forget a few of the necessities of life. Like eating, drinking, sleeping... Or even turning on the heater to keep your precious gaming fingers warm, saving you from crippling RSI agony as you tempt to play that little bit longer.

That's why USB powered heated gloves are the perfect gadget. You plug it into the USB port on your console or PC of choice, slip on the gloves and game away. If it's really cold, you can even cover up your fingertips with mittens. Because nothing says "hardcore gamer" like USB-powered mittens.

They take 2 USB ports to get going, and will warm your fingers by 12 degrees in 5 minutes. What's more, they're from Brando, makers of all things USB, so you know that they're good usable. If the idea of wearing USB-powered mittens while you game is appealing, they cost US$22.

[Brando via TeamTeaBag via Kotaku AU]

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