USA Ahead of 3G Race, Europe Drops to Second Position

Hey you Europeans! You may have all your hot Swedish and Italian and Spanish and British girls, and all those old stones, and all the awesome cuisine, and all the delicious wine, and all that great coffee, and all the cool clubs, but guess what we have? We have the number one position in 3G mobile phone subscribers. Yes baby, número uno, nummer ett, número um, première position, beste Stellung by a whole 0.1%! Nyah nyah nyah!

The data is from Comscore: US 3G subscribers have grown to 64.2 million in the past year, following the introduction of high speed data networks and handsets. That's 28.4% of the population, which is only surpassed (on a country by country basis) by Italy and Spain. Overall, the total penetration in the five biggest European market is 28.3%—63.4 million people.

AU: I'm not sure if this study is just Europe and US or global, because I would have thought Australia would be in the top fiva at least (percentage wise).

[Yahoo news]

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