UK Police Set Weapons to Stun: Test Non-Lethal 'Directed Energy' Gear

Actually, it's more like set to "ouch": a UK government report has revealed the police are testing out non-lethal weapons. These include low-powered lasers which hit a miscreant's skin and burn off the outer layer, "leaving them in agony, but with no permanent damage," which sounds lovely doesn't it?

At least it won't mess with your brain, like the microwave weapon we mentioned before. The police are also testing out a number of other gizmos straight from superhero or sci-fi armories, including immobiliser glue-guns, sticky electro-shock nets and vomit-inducing stink bombs. All much "nicer" than getting shot, undoubtedly. But, considering the potential training complications and different side-effects of these systems, added to the risk of over-zealous use, it's bound to raise a few public concerns. I say wait 'til phasers exist, chaps: they'll be safer. [Daily Mail via BBG]

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