Tru2way TVs from Panasonic and Sony, Live For the First Time

Fans of Giz Explains know that Tru2way is the cable industry's latest cable card scheme. Today, Sony and Panasonic are showing off their own Tru2way-enabled TVs, Pana's PZ80Q with a built-in box, and Sony's Bravia with a box that connects via HDMI. What's cool is that this is the first time their showing it connected live to the cable company's head-end, and as you can see from the video and shots below, it works pretty well. Bonus: Samsung is showing off a different Tru2way interface, also connected to Comcast, though without full video-on-demand capability. Photos of that below.

The catch of course is that these TVs don't have DVR capability, so you rely more heavily on video-on-demand to make up for it. Also, you'll notice that the cable company—in this case Comcast—will most likely still control the interface look-and-feel. Let's hope they at least take the damn time to update their stupid 10-year-old controls.

Panasonic's TV has been shown off before, but still isn't priced. Even though it will work with any cable provider running Tru2way, it still has to wait for the cable companies to get this stuff rolled out before it can sell the thing. Comcast and Time Warner are the ones in the lead.

Here's the Panasonic PZ80Q remote, with generic cable-control buttons:

Sony's demo Bravia with a generic interface:

Samsung's Tru2way demo using live Comcast (but without live full capabilities of Tru2way):

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