Timbuk2 Travel Suitcases Feature Pockets for Ninjas (OK, Geeks)

Timbuk2, makers of superb laptop messengers, are expanding their focus to a complete line of travel gear available this holiday season. And their new bags not only feature the infamous Timbuk2 panel styling, but "ninja pockets" for the guy who has to yank out all his electronics at checkpoints—namely you. Read on for the full three bag rundown.

The Checkpoint

An aluminium chassis supports your gear while detachable skateboard wheels casually defy The Man. Outer security pockets ease checkpoint friskings. (US$250-US$275)

The Suitcase

Holding 3-5 days' worth of clothing, The Suitcase features the external "ninja pocket" that, while unspecified, looks just wide enough for a 13- or 15-inch laptop. (US$225)

The Doctor

An old school center-folding doctor bag, The Doctor is actually spring loaded to achieve that trademark motif. (US$120) [Timbuk2]

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