Tikitag RFID Tagging System Makes an Internet Out of Your Stuff

Ideas like this have been tossed around for some time now, but Alcatel-Lucent's "tikitag" unveiled at the DemoFall conference may finally make the idea of everyday RFID tagging possible. For example, you could put tikitags on business cards and connect that card to online personal or social networking info. After that, the data could be retrieved easily by swiping the card over a tikitag reader.

If the service takes off and enough developers get involved with apps, another option for business owners would be to attach the tags to posters or advertisements that could interact with mobile phones or other portable devices. The possibilities are endless. The service is set to go into a public beta on October 1st, with a 10 tag pack running about US$50. Packs containing 25 tags will also be available sometime in the near future. [Tikitag via CNET]

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