This Week in Blu-Ray: The Godfather Collection Edition

Giz pick of the week: The Godfather Collection

Some of you may already have the trilogy on DVD (or even VHS), but a year was spent remastering the Godfather movies frame by frame for this Blu-ray release under the strict watch of Coppola himself. The new collection goes for about $US80, but features all sorts of new extras along with rehashes from the original DVD collection if you never picked that up. Godfather not your thing? You're an idiot. But there's lots of other stuff out this week as well:

Animalia: Welcome to the Kingdom (Porchlight)
Blow (New Line)
Cirque du Soleil: Corteo (Sony)
Deception (Fox)
The Godfather Collection (Paramount)
Halford: Live Insurrection - Remastered (Metal God)
L.A. Confidential (Warner)
Leatherheads (Universal)
Madagascar (DreamWorks)
Re-Cycle (Image)
Run Fatboy Run (Universal)
Sex and the City (New Line)
Shrek the Third (Paramount)

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