This Week In Blu-ray: Every Which Way But Loose Bolts Edition

Giz pick of the week: Transformers (Two Disc Special Edition)

It was the thorn in Blu-ray's side. Transformers, otherwise known as the 80s cartoon manifestation of geekdom, was HD DVD only. Well luckily for Blu-ray owners, HD DVD died a violent death and they got their Megatron fix after all. While this two-disc set won't offer anything extra over what was released last year on HD DVD, all of the special features have been ported to the new format along with the same, pristinely encoded video.

Here are the rest of this week's Blu-ray releases, including this week's runner up, Every Which Way But Loose:

•Black Mask (Lionsgate)
•Cirque du Soleil: Corteo (Sony)
•Eraser (Warner)
•Every Which Way But Loose (Warner)
•The Gauntlet (Warner)
•The Invincible Iron Man (Lionsgate)
•Marine Aquarium (BCI)
•Married Life (Sony)
•Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow (Lionsgate)
•Outbreak (Warner)
•Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (FUNimation)
•Transformers (2007) (Paramount)
•Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (Warner)

Yeah, I just may have to be a stereotype of my demographic and pick Transformers up. [hidefdigest]

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