Thermaltake's Xpressar PC Case Uses Actual Fridge Compressor For Cooling

Onwards and upwards in the overclockers' heatsink game: The crazed coolant doctors at Thermaltake are now shipping what they're claiming is the first case to feature a DC-inverter micro refrigeration system onboard, which goes beyond conventional liquid-cooled setups by using the same type of compressor/condenser/coolant system found in a refrigerator or air conditioner into your PC case.

Thermaltake claims the Xpressar gains an additional drop of 20° C below liquid-cooled systems that don't feature an actual fridge compressor. But, as you know, your AC and refrigerator tend to make a lot of noise and suck down a lot of power (Xpressar's compressor is rated at 50W), so you can assume that this is not the most practical of setups. And the crazy ductwork required means only certain ATX and mini-ATX motherboards are supported, but practicality's never really been first on overclockers' minds, right? [Hexus, Far East Gizmos]

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